The strawberry is a plant belonging to the family Rosaceae, considered a fruit of pleasure by excellence. It is noted for its high content of vitamin C and minerals.
Varieties of the strawberry: Camino Real, Aibon, San Andres, Fortuna, festival, among others; Intended for the production of the different types of products.
Strawberries good size and shape free form, plague, mud, other contaminats and odor characteristic of the strawberry according to its variety.


michoacan is second in strawberry production nationwide



Strawberries are a source of fiber, vitamin C and magnesium

It is diuretic, suitable for gout, arthritis, rheumatism

It protects and improves skin appearance, suitable for ulcer, gastritis and homemade face pack.


They Contain certain amounts of salicylic acid, anti-inflammatory analgesic properties

                     They quench and nourish low-calorie, ideal food in diets for obesity.