The mango (Mangifera indica L.) is recognized as one of 3 or 4 fine tropical fruits.
It is a fruit that is obtained of the tree of the same name.
It has an oval form or spheroidal, with not eatable skin and variable color from pale yellow to red intensely.

The pulp is sticky and his coloration also changes from yellow to orange. The flavor of mature mango is sweet and quite acidic when it is still green. It is a juicy and fibrous fruit being less fibrous the improved varieties or not, they possess an interior bone. his size changes between 5-20cm long with a weight of300-400g, going so far as some pieces to reach more than one kilo.

Our Varieties


The mango fruit keitt is ovoid-oblong, form the color of the skin is pink with less than 30% of red color. His middleweight is from 500 to 600gr.
The pulp practically has not fibers adapting itself whit the consumption with spoon. The size of the seed is small. The quality of this fruit is excellent and it has a long commercial life. The habit of growth of the tree of the keitt mango is characterized by his long and vaulted branches, with scarce growth in the subtropics.


The mango kent has a fruit with ovoid form expanded.. The skin presents a color yellow fund with red sheet. . The  middelweight of these fruits considering the loaded tree is from 470 to 550gr. The pulp has little fiber and adapts itself very well to consumption with spoon. The size of the seed is small. The fruit of this variety has an excellent long quality and commercial life. The mango kent is a tree of  a erect growth and a middle stamina.


Tommy atkins produces a fruit with an oblong-oval shape, the skin is orange to red intensely. His middleweight is from 500 to 550gr. The presence of fiber in the pulp is upper intermediate with bad response to consumption with spoon. The size of the seed is small. The quality of this fruit is poor. The mango tommy tree looks like a round crown on top with a strong appeareance.

Properties and Benefits

It has magnesium

One believes that it helps to fight the insomnia helps us to be calmer and to prevent the muscular weakness.

Mangos have fenoles that are powerful antioxiidants.

It is rich in selenium


t is said that eating mango is a good way of preventing the hair loss.


It is rich in iron

For his content of vitamin B is advisable for the good functioning of the nervous system, the metabolism and the health of the skin.

A mature mango of 200g contributes the daily recommended quanty of vitamin C and 30% of vitamin A. it is ideal for the persons who do not tolerate other sources of vitamin c.

Has enzyme similar to that of papayas that helps to have a good digestion.