Tlas blackberries are sweet and sour fruits much apreciates in the whole world for the preparation of jucies,marmalades, sweets and musts fruit .
In some countries his considered to the blackberries as invasive plants they are so common that several legends have been woven about them.
One says that they should not harvest after October 11, because the devil has spat in them. Separates histories its talk each others  about plants arbustiva thorny  that gives a few red strawberries, which on having mature become black, with sweet and aromatic flavor.

Every blackberry is composed of numerous fruits arranged around a fibrous core. There are countless varieties, although the common blackberry that is sold in the market is generally sweet.



  • The blackberry has,fundamentally,properties you would healthe wounds

  • Also it has antibacterial properties.

  • It is astringent

  • Anti-anflammatory.

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