S.P.R. de R.L

The ejido agrarian community jacona Michoacan by a general meeting agreed the creation and development of the plant called S.P.R Congeladora Bonfil of R.L in honor to”Lic .Alfredo V. Bonfil” for his work on behalf of farmers in mexico, started operations during the administration of Lic. Luis Echeverria Alvarez, in 1973. as a President of Mexico

It is a society of rural production whit limited liability, which is dedicated to process fruit being the principal fruit being the principal fruits the strawberry, mango, and occasionally blackberry.

It is a governed by a board of directiors that is renewed every three of direcrtors that is renewed every three years. It is a source of employment for about 200 people.


It has been administered by the ejidatarios C. Antonio Samano Ochoa, Luis Armando Plancarte Bravo, Manuel Zamudio Torres, Agustin Garcia Ramirez, Francisco Zamudio Cortez, Martin Rodriguez. Among others.

Recently has as new president of management to C. Porfirio Dominguez Avila, head of ejido.